Southern Maryland Real Estate Market


There is one aspect of real estate that holds true regardless of real estate market conditions -

Real Estate is LOCAL.

 The media presents a very generalized picture of what is occurring in the real estate market, many times basing reporting on overall national statistics. Depending on the real estate market, national statistics may have very little or no relevance to what is occurring in a particular local market.

The most recent Calvert County and St. Mary's County statistics are included here.


                 Average Sales Price      Median Sales Price       

May 2023                  $464,125                  $419,000

December 2022       $422,095                  $380,000


2022                           $470,604                  $420,000    

2021                           $434,421                  $389,225    


                Average Sales Price      Median Sales Price      

May 2023                 $397,590                 $400,000

December 2022      $399,282                 $340,000   


2022                         $399,625                              $375,000     

2021                         $371,574                              $344,606     



Source: Bright MLS


It is important for buyers and sellers to remember that these figures are overall statistics for Calvert and St. Mary's counties. I can assist buyers with lender contacts and assist sellers with statistics on buyer interest in their communities. Contact me for specific information for communities of interest (410)707-6265.